The Big Picture is Unknown, an art installation in collaboration with  @ongkietan

Sound by  @andre.schoene  - a composition made in collaboration with  @svaramsoundexperience  during his residency at  @lapetitemaison.auroville  in March 2022

Photos by:  @girishmurugan_ksm   @ishani89sarkar   @barathkumar.sivacoumar   @alessandra_silver_auroville

The big picture is unknown, but we know you're in the picture!  When the audience becomes the center of the art...
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TALISMAN is a first-of-a-kind exhibition at La Galerie of the Alliance Française de Pondichéry, curated by the It Matters Auroville art gallerists Bhakti and Sandra. This art exhibition brings eight Auroville artists together through tile, an emblematic medium of Tamil culture.
From April 8th to 29th 2023.

An exhibition curated by IT MATTERS
Hosted by Centre D’Art - Citadines

On the occasion of the International Photography Day - August 19th - It Matters is delighted to present the outcome of a discovery cyanotype workshop held on August 12th 2023. Ten artists from different backgrounds spent one day exploring the theme of Mythical Reveal.

Paper: Canson Aquarelle Paper - 300g

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@sasisomu  for the workshop
@centre.dart  for the space and support
@marcosaroldi  for these photos
@donaaideau  for the tea tasting

Chennai Photo Biennale - Learning Lab - organized an exhibition on Wold Cyanotype Day in Chennai - Alliance Française on 30th Sept 2023.

It Matters participated in the open call and got 17 cyanotype prints selected for the show "Journeys".

Photos by It Matters